Tips You Need Now for Fall Family Portraits

October is full of blessings for me and my family and I love it even more because it brings with it all those reds, yellows, oranges, and browns of the changing seasons. 

One question I get asked by my family portrait clients all the time is, “What should we wear?” So, I’ve put together my top three tips to coordinate fall worthy portrait outfits that every family can pull off.

Tip 1: Choose a color palette

Choose a color palate with two darks and one light. The dark colors should compliment each other, like maroon and navy or a dark orange and burgundy. Then pick a lighter, neutral color to add some contrast to your portrait photos, like beige, gold, creamy white, or go with sky blue or grey to make your photo outfits more modern.

Tip 2: Focus on a fabric or type of clothing for everyone

Choose a focal fabric or article of clothing that works for everyone and that everyone is likely to have in their closet already. What you really want to wear for your portrait session is something everyone already has and loves to wear, like blue jeans. You can also take the dress up a notch in your portrait photos by wearing button up shirts and blouses. You can even get really creative and go for the full on matching look for everyone in the family by picking something like plaid, puffer jackets, vests, cowboy boots, or matching family PJs! When your family members feel comfortable in their clothes, they’re going to feel more comfortable posing, smiling, and relaxing because they’ll get to feel like themselves. After picking those blue jeans, lets say, then all you have to do is incorporate your color palette with tops and accessories.

Tip 3: Pick an accessory to match the season

Get that fall vibe in your portraits with scarves, beanies, or fingerless gloves. You can wear boots and belts, vests, or even reindeer antlers if you’re taking your Christmas portraits now. The key to accessorizing is just to keep it real to the look you’re going for, whether that's cufflinks, bowties, and statement necklaces for an upscale look in your portraits or keeping it more casual with scarfs and boots. 

Have Fun with Your Portrait Look

What you wear to your family portrait session is important, but so is having fun and being yourself. I hope you’ll use these tips and have fun on your upcoming portrait session!